“A Clear, Concise, and Purposeful Press”

A HAPPY INEVITABILITY led me to form The Expressive Press to condense and focus what I learned about business and life during the forty-plus years that I worked as a freelance writer for various businesses, and as a teacher of writing at two universities and several professional associations and companies. My books and those of other authors are for firms and individuals that want to reach and sustain peak fulfillment and performance in all parts of their lives. The books fall into four baskets: Wealth + Happiness, Meaning + Serenity, Insights + Compassion, and Erotica + Fun.

You can read about the books on subsequent pages. – Pete Geissler, Founder and Author

Wealth + Happiness:

  • The Power of Being Articulate: The Thoughtful leader’s Model for Wealth and Happiness
  • The Power of Writing Well: The Thoughtful Leader’s Model for Business and Technical Communications
  • Leadership for Profitable Sustainability
  • The Little Black Book of Human Resources Management
  • 12 Simply Smart Secrets for Living Large by Prospering Small

Meaning + Serenity:

  • The Power of Dignity: The Thoughtful Leader’s Model for Attracting and Keeping Stakeholders
  • The Power of Ethics: The Thoughtful Leader’s Model for Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • The Beanstalk Jackpots: Jack Hit Three Jackpots by Climbing His Beanstalk. You Can Too.
  • Divorce can be Such Sweet Sorrow: An Anecdotal Survival kit

Insights + Compassion:

  • Peach: An Exceptional Teen’s Journey for Universal Acceptance
  • My Poems are Yours: The Poetic Soliloquies of Hope and Courage
  • Hugging a Cloud: Profits + Meaning From the Human Side of Business

Erotica + Fun:

  • Rockin’ Romance: The Pursuit and Promise Of Recreational Rutting as Told by Sex-Seekers Who Bare Their Lively Libidos.
  • Bigshots’ Bull*!@#: The All new Edition: Deception, Deceit, Disconnect, and Duplicity in the Corporate Sewer
  • Shallow Water Sailor
  • Heydays
  • An Accidental Life: A Collection of Musings and Writings from the Wreckage
  • Looking for Lauren 

Readers’ Reviews: We Love Our Readers, and They Love Us.

“…powerfully convincing…could help to change corporate cultures…a vastly important, necessary change to the way we do business…if I could, I would make it mandatory reading for executives.” Lynne B. Hare, Program Director, Kraft Foods